Recipe 2.12 Specifying Where on Screen a Projector Opens

2.12.1 Problem

You want to specify a location on the screen where a Projector should open.

2.12.2 Solution

Use SWF Studio to create the Projector (Windows only) and specify the position settings.

2.12.3 Discussion

One of the many useful features of SWF Studio is the ability to specify where on screen the Projector should open. Standard Flash Projectors don't offer this option, but SWF Studio can set the percentage values in the x and y directions at which the Projector should open. To accomplish this, complete the steps in Recipe 2.10, substituting the following for step 6:

  1. Choose the first item from the Project Tree. If you have saved your project, the item has the same name as your project; otherwise, the item is labeled Untitled.

  2. On the right, the Project Options pane appears and the Output tab is selected by default. You can leave all the output settings at their default values.

  3. Select the Window tab.

  4. In the Window tab locate the Size and Position portion of the settings. To the right is a controller that allows you to adjust the position at which the movie opens on screen. The black rectangle represents the user's screen, and the white rectangle represents the Projector. By moving the horizontal and vertical sliders you can adjust the relative position of the Projector.

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