Having completed this chapter, you should be comfortable with the OSI networking model and should have a basic understanding of how bridges and switches, routers, and access servers work. Next, Chapter 2 introduces you to the basics of configuring a Cisco device. Keep in mind the following central concepts from this chapter:

  • The Cisco IOS is the operating system that runs Cisco devices.

  • Cisco devices covered in this book operate at three layers of the OSI reference model: physical, data link, and network.

  • The Cisco IOS uses protocol information at each layer of the OSI reference model.

  • Bridges and switches operate at the data link layer and connect multiple data link layer network segments into a single logical network segment.

  • Routers operate at the network layer and direct packets through the network based on network layer information.

  • Access servers connect asynchronous devices to a network, allowing the device to appear to be on the network.

Cisco Router Configuration
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