ASP.NET, with its full line of server controls, makes developing applications ” especially form-based applications ”easier. The controls enable you to quickly add functionality, with a richness that used to take many development hours.

The controls offer reusability, extensibility, and a cleaner programming model. Code and design can be separated so that nonprogrammers can edit the controls.

This chapter has shown you how to use many of the controls. You've learned about some of the more common Intrinsics, such as TextBox and CheckBox . You've also learned how to use List, Rich, and Validation controls.

You can find more examples on Go there and check them out. And if you have any of your own examples you'd like to have posted, please send them to

The next chapter talks about application framework and configuration. This teaches you how to configure your server so that your applications operate in the manner that best supports them.


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Special Edition Using ASP.Net
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