Requirements Artifacts Sets


Let's turn our attention to these various artifacts, or more broadly, these sets of requirements artifacts we produce , and see what we can learn about the quality of our process and both the measurable and the implied quality of the system under development. Using the organization of this book into six team skills as our method for organizing the requirements set, Table 29-1 summarizes the results of the analysis of what "requirements things" constitute each set.

Table 29-1. Requirements Artifacts

Team Skill

Requirements Set

Set Contents

1: Analyzing the Problem

Problem set

Problem statement

Root cause analysis

Systems model

List of stakeholders and users

List of design and development constraints

List of actors

Business use-case model

2: Understanding User and Stakeholder Needs

User needs set

Structured interview, process, and results

Understanding of users and user needs

Requirements workshop process and results

Preliminary list of prioritized features

Storyboards, example use cases, and other expository artifacts

3: Defining the System

Preliminary system definition set

Requirements organization

Vision document

Identification of initial use cases

Empowerment of product manager/project champion

Definitions of commercial factors

4: Managing Scope

Baseline set

Prioritization and estimation of features

Requirements baseline

Recognition and communication of achievable scope

Agreed-on expectations

5: Refining the System Definition

Refined system definition set

Use-case model(s)

Use-case specifications

Supplementary specification(s)

Ambiguity and specificity considerations

Technical methods (if any)

6: Building the Right System

System under construction set

Transitioning method (from design to code)

Test cases (derived and traceable from use cases)

Requirements traceability

Requirements change management process

Requirements method


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