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absorption of radio waves 
Access Point Manager 
access points 
    Bluetooth  2nd 
        connecting to 
        testing the connection 
    bridging devices between networks 
    communicating using channels 
    configuring  2nd 
    default IP addresses, changing 
    displaying signal-to-noise ratio for 
    generating Wi-Fi maps 
    getting associated with 
    infrastructure mode and  2nd  3rd 
    link quality and signal strength 
    multiple, setting up 
    plotting map of  2nd 
    pure wireless access points 
    repeaters, using as 
    security features in 
    sharing Internet connections with neighbors 
    SSID broadcast and MAC address filtering 
    status of, viewing 
    support of 802.1X 
        detected by NetStumbler  2nd 
    web-based configuration 
    wireless access points with routers 
accuracy of GPS 
activating AirPrime PC3200 
Active Directory, configuring 
    using infrared to connect to Pocket PCs 
ACU (Aironet Client Utility) 
ad-hoc networks  2nd  3rd 
    configuring WLAN access 
    connecting AirPanel to host computers 
adapters, wireless  [See wireless adapters]
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), locating Ethernet addresses 
addresses, IP  [See IP addresses]
Administrator password, changing 
ADSL/DSL modems 
    access points with routers 
    home network setup 
    obtaining IP addresses 
    PPPoE protocol 
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 
AirCard 555 (Sierra Wireless) 
    Venturi compression software included with 
AirCard 750 (Sierra Wireless) 
Aironet 350 wireless card (Cisco)
    connecting to wireless networks with 
Aironet Client Utility (ACU) 
AiroPeek NX tool and security issues  2nd 
AirPanel V150 (ViewSonic) 
        peripherals to 
        to host computers 
    docking station for 
    expansion slots on 
AirPlus utility  [See entries under D-Link]
AirPrime PC3200 card (Sprint) 
    PCS Connection Manager and 
AirSnort tool and security issues 
AirSync USB wireless adapters 
allow-access lists and MAC address filtering 
ALOHANET wireless network 
altitude, latitude, and longitude of locations  2nd 
AM (Amplitude Modulation) 
Amplitude Modulation (AM) 
amplitude of radio waves 
anonymous FTP 
    configuring NetStumbler 
    safety issues with 
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol), locating Ethernet addresses 
associating with access points 
AT&T Wireless 
    CDMA and 
    compressing proxy servers and 
    Sierra Wireless AirCard 750 and 
Atmel chipset 
attacks (hacker), susceptibility of WEP to 
Authenticated Cipher Offset 
Authenticating Servers 
    802.1X standard  2nd 
        implementing in Windows XP 
    for Bluetooth 
    IPSec and PPTP pass-through feature 
    tunneling and 
    requiring, before file transfers 
    security features on access points 
    WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and 
automatic configuration 
Available networks section 

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