Chapter 8: Taking Responsibility


Great companies are hothouses for people development. That is why head-hunters are on the phone as soon as a company is named ‘great'. If you can manage to recruit someone from a great company, you know you will have quality. Giving people responsibility and supporting them as they learn is the best way to hone talent. Challenge brings out the best in the best.

Bromford Housing Group applied to get on the list as a benchmarking opportunity. They wanted to know how they were doing in relation to the best. Imagine their surprise when they came in at number 5. Let's be clear, this is not a grand place with gyms, crèche or concierge services. In fact, to quote Nick, Housing Services director,‘We are not into flash offices and we have strains on accommodation in our area offices - we are definitely still on a journey there.' It must be their strategy of people development that is earning them the accolade.

We hadn't quite appreciated the importance of teamwork, sense of purpose, standing for the principles, supporting each other and personal development opportunities. They clearly matter far more than we realised. The Sunday Times endorses that we have been doing the right thing. There are many other things we need to do to stay up with the market - but we seem to have the foundation right.

This demonstrates clearly that giving responsibility and providing the necessary support is more important than all the lovely perks wealthy companies can provide. These are fantastic and no one in their right mind would refuse them, but this is not all it takes to make a great company. Providing the chance to grow and develop is so appealing that people will choose it over anything else.

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