Chapter 6. Securing the System


    Section 54.  Strip the Kernel

    Section 55.  FreeBSD Access Control Lists

    Section 56.  Protect Files with Flags

    Section 57.  Tighten Security with Mandatory Access Control

    Section 58.  Use mtree as a Built-in Tripwire

    Section 59.  Intrusion Detection with Snort, ACID, MySQL, and FreeBSD

    Section 60.  Encrypt Your Hard Disk

    Section 61.  Sudo Gotchas

    Section 62.  sudoscript

    Section 63.  Restrict an SSH server

    Section 64.  Script IP Filter Rulesets

    Section 65.  Secure a Wireless Network Using PF

    Section 66.  Automatically Generate Firewall Rules

    Section 67.  Automate Security Patches

    Section 68.  Scan a Network of Windows Computers for Viruses

BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
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