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MAC (Mandatory Access Control) framework 
Mac OS X
    installing Unix applications using DarwinPorts 
MAC_IFOFF module 
macdef command 
macros, FTP 
magic cookies and X authorization 
mail  [See email]
mail exchange (MX) records  2nd 
mail servers
    checking connectivity of 
Mail Submission Process (MSP) 
Mail Transport Agents (MTAs) 
mail user agents (MUAs) and pipes 
mailing lists for receiving CTM updates 
make.conf file 
Makefile, editing 
makewhatis command 
Mandatory Access Control (MAC) framework 
    adding fancy formatting to 
    creating your own 
    finding all 
    navigational tricks for reading 
    searching for text in  2nd 
manpath.config file 
masks and pipes/queues 
Maxwell, David 
Mayo, Adrian 
mdconfig command 
Media Access Control (MAC) layer, spoofing addresses 
media devices in kernel configuration files 
mergemaster utility  2nd 
merging changes to configuration files 
Merino Vidal, Julio 
message of the day (motd), changing 
messages, console  [See console messages]
MIBs, changing from the command line 
miibus entry in kernel configuration files 
minicom utility 
MIT magic cookie 
mktemp command 
Mock, Jim 
modification dates of files, finding 
modules, Mandatory Access Control (MAC) 
moon, phases of (pom) utility 
Moran, Bill 
more pager vs. less pager 
motd (message of the day), changing 
mount command 
    error messages for 
mount points  2nd 
mount_msdosfs command 
mount_smbfs utility  2nd 
        by regular users 
    remote shares 
Mozilla, configuring to use signature file 
MSP (Mail Submission Process) 
MTAs (Mail Transport Agents) 
mtree utility 
    command syntax for 
    using as built-in tripwire 
MUAs (mail user agents) and pipes 
multiple systems, maintaining your environment on 
multivol utility 
multivolume archives, resources for 
mv command vs. cp command 
MX (mail exchange) records  2nd 
    adding more security to 
    installing client and server 


BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
ISBN: 0596006799
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 160
Authors: Lavigne

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