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Langille, Dan 
    backing up 
    configuring wireless interfaces for 
    encrypting hard disks 
    power management support for 
last command 
last modification dates of files, finding 
lastcomm command 
lastlogin command 
leave command 
Lents, David  2nd 
less pager
    vs. more pager 
Libes, Don 
limiting files 
line feeds (duplicate), removing 
live filesystems, using 
live log data, viewing 
livelock and kernel optimizations 
loader.conf file  2nd 
    password protection 
loader.rc file 
locate command 
lock command 
log files for sudoscript 
log hosts
    configuring scripts on 
    consolidating web server logs 
    logproc and 
    variables/values for
        log host scripts 
        web server scripts 
logging out of login shell 
logging servers, setting up 
login banner, removing 
.login file 
login prompt, changing 
.login.conf file 
    automating, using ftp 
    lastlogin command 
        connecting to headless servers 
logout policy, enforcing 
logproc scripts 
logs for web servers, consolidating 
logs, protecting with flags 
@LongName tar format extension 
look command 
lowercasing characters 


BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
ISBN: 0596006799
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 160
Authors: Lavigne

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