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list your blog p. 106

  • Blogger includes your blog in its listings by default. If you'd rather not be included, pick No instead.

announce new posts p. 107

  • The new version of Google Groups is still in beta. I assume that when it's finalized, the address will be http://groups.google.com/. Regardless, it's a simple, free way to create a newsgroup. You might want to be careful about subscribing people to your list without asking them first. Google lets you invite, rather than directly subscribe members if you like.

  • Some Web hosts offer free mailing lists as part of their hosting package. Contact yours to see if they do and for details about how to set up a list.

  • Another way to use the BlogSend Address is with a team blog to notify yourself if one of the other team members posts an entry.

syndicate your blog p. 108

  • Syndicating your blog makes the blog available for visitors to subscribe to but they have to do the actual subscribing themselves. You might want to provide links to additional information or to particular newsreaders.

offer link to site feed p. 110

  • Blogger publishes its site feeds in Atom format, not RSS, which is a distinct site feed standard. You might want to add this information to your site feed link since not all newsreaders support Atom, at least not yet.

get indexed p. 113

  • There are people who make a living by getting web sites indexed. There are three important techniques: 1. Use the words that people will search for in order to find you (called keywords) throughout your site and in a meaningful way, especially in the title, headers, and first paragraph. 2. Get linked from other sites. 3. Submit your site to Google.

Publishing a Blog with Blogger
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