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    ACLs, viewing 
    creating  2nd 
    exporting  2nd 
    modifying  2nd 
    overview of 
        large numbers of 
        configuring account expiration 
        configuring passwords 
        configuring profiles 
        creating large number of 
        determining logon 
        formatting UPN suffixes 
        locking passwords 
        modifying groups 
        modifying names 
        modifying passwords 
        preventing password expiration 
        searching disabled users 
        searching logon 
        transferring groups 
        updating accounts 
        viewing  2nd 
        viewing groups 
offline defrag, repairing manually 
OID Generator Command (oidgen.exe) 
online defrag, repairing manually 
operating systems, NOS 
optimizing memory 
optional attributes, searching 
organizational unit  [See OU]
orphans, deleting 
OU (organizational unit)
    child objects 
    creating  2nd 
    linking GPOs 
        moving  2nd 
    overview of 

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