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secrets of the game business
Secrets of the Game Business
by Francois Dominic Laramee (ed) ISBN:1584502827
Charles River Media 2003

This book unveils the inner workings of the flashy but very serious game development and publishing industry. Everything is covered, from how the retail market works to financing a start-up and deciding on the right business model for your game.

Table of Contents
Secrets of the Game Business
Section 1 - Publishers and Developers
Chapter 1.0 - Introduction
Chapter 1.1 - The Top Ten Misconceptions New Game Developers Have About Publishers
Chapter 1.2 - The Role of Each Entity in Game Publishing
Chapter 1.3 - How Developers Get Paid: The Retail Market for Games
Chapter 1.4 - A Publishing Project: From Concept to Launch and Beyond
Chapter 1.5 - The Producer, Friend or Foe?
Chapter 1.6 - The European Challenge in Videogame Software: The "French Touch" and the "Britsoft Paradox"
Section 2 - Game Development Startups
Chapter 2.0 - Introduction
Chapter 2.1 - Development Misery and How to Avoid It
Chapter 2.2 - Writing a Business Plan for a Game Development Startup
Chapter 2.3 - Strategies for Staffing a Startup
Chapter 2.4 - Financing from the Buyer's Side: Evaluating and Acquiring a Game Company
Chapter 2.5 - Financing Projects and Startups
Chapter 2.6 - Wireless Business Models
Chapter 2.7 - Online Business Models: Using the Net for Profit
Chapter 2.8 - Creating a Successful Freelance Game Development Business
Section 3 - Taking a Game to Market
Chapter 3.0 - Introduction
Chapter 3.1 - Public Relations: Making the Most of the Gaming Press
Chapter 3.2 - Securing a Development Contract: The Art of Pitching
Chapter 3.3 - The Whys and Wherefores of Game Agents
Chapter 3.4 - Effective Development Contracts
Chapter 3.5 - Pros and Cons of Worldwide and Country-by-Country Deals
Chapter 3.6 - Techniques to Increase Upsell for Online Games
Section 4 - Managing Game Development
Chapter 4.0 - Introduction
Chapter 4.1 - The Stages of Game Development
Chapter 4.2 - Managing the Development Process
Chapter 4.3 - Customer Support in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Chapter 4.4 - Offshore Game Development Outsourcing
Chapter 4.5 - Localizations
Chapter 4.6 - Leadership: The Making of Effective and Happy Teams
Chapter 4.7 - Quality Assurance: Bug Tracking and Test Cases
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List of Tables
List of Case Studies
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Secrets of the Game Business
Secrets of the Game Business (Game Development Series)
ISBN: 1584502827
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 275
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