Wrapping UpOther Browsers to Consider

Firefox, as I mentioned, is the default browser that comes with Ubuntu, but it is by no means your only choice. If you like Firefox, you might also want to look at Mozilla (http://www.mozilla.org) as a full-featured browser suite featuring an email client, HTML editor, and more. Konqueror, another excellent browser, comes as part of the KDE desktop but you don't need to install KDE to take advantage of it. Just search for Konqueror with your Synaptic package installer.

We can't stop there. You also have access to some text-only browsers such as Lynx and Links. Neither of these comes pre-installed with Ubuntu, but both are easily added if you are curious.

Shell Out

When you feel like seeing the World Wide Web without its clutter of images, why not give lynx or links a try? Where can you get these? That's right, search Synaptic first. Then, open a Terminal shell (look in the Accessories menu under Applications) and try the following:

 lynx http://www.marcelgagne.com/ links http://www.marcelgagne.com/ 

You may be amazed at the speed and performance of non-flashy Web surfing.

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
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