Adjusting the Levels

Think back for a moment to those days of old when Mom or Dad would yell into your bedroom to "TURN THAT NOISE DOWN!" Doesn't that bring back memories? In particular, it brings back the memory that sometimes you just have to crank the tunes.

Most music or multimedia players you are likely to use under Linux have some kind of a volume control. Your speaker system likely has one, as well. There is, however, a third set of controls you should know about: the GNOME volume control. Look over to the right of the top panel and you should see an icon that looks like a speaker. Click that speaker icon and a simple volume slider appears (see Figure 18-1). This provides you with a fast means of making volume-level adjustments.

Figure 18-1. A volume control in your top panel.

Under certain circumstances, you'll want finer control over the levels of certain devices, at least better than the single slider can provide. Either double-click the top panel speaker icon or right-click the icon and select Open Volume Control from the drop-down menu. A Volume Control three-tabbed mixer panel appears with your system sound card's name alongside (see Figure 18-2).

Figure 18-2. The GNOME volume control can be configured to show multiple levels.

The various sliders correspond to various levels, from that of your hardware's master levels to the PCM output, microphone inputs (under the Capture tab), and so on. Pause your mouse pointer over the sliders and a message describing the slider's function appears at the bottom of the window.


The number of sliders and controls vary from sound card to sound card and they may not all be activated by default. Click Edit on the menu bar, then select Preferences. Check boxes representing the possible input and output sources appear. To add one to your mixer control panel, check the appropriate box.

Now that you can easily modify the level of noise coming from your speakers, it's time to get some music on.

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
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