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More! Give Me More! comes with a limited number of templates, graphics, and icons. That's one of the advantages of its commercial (non-free) cousin, StarOffice from Sun Microsystems. However, if you find yourself in need of more templates than you already have or a richer gallery, take careful note of the following Web site. It's called OO Extras, and it may be the answer to your prayers.

In addition to individual macros, icons, and templates, the goal of this Web site (created by Travis Bauer) aims to provide downloadable packages to enhance's suite.

Quick Tip


If you enter a URL to a Web site in that combo box, you can actually open, view, and edit the Web page! Yes, Writer is an HTML editor, as well.

For those of you who are familiar with using your word processor as an HTML editor, this can be an extremely useful feature. Be warned, however, that the resulting code can be a little wordy and not altogether pleasant when working with other HTML editors.

Another Quick Tip


In writing this book, I would occasionally switch among a handful of fonts. If you find yourself in that situation, here's a way to speed up the process. After selecting a word or phrase to change, click on the font selection list, type a portion of a font name, or scroll down the list to choose what you want. Note that if you press <Enter> to select a font, you will have to go through the whole selection process again next time. However, if you click on the font name with your mouse, that font will appear at the top of the list in a "recently used" group. This makes for faster access.

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