Chapter 5: Streaming Video over Wireless Networks

Haitao Zheng and Jill Boyce

5.1 Introduction

Video streaming is becoming ubiquitous on the wired Internet, as broadband Internet access is more commonly available. With the advent of higher-bandwidth wireless Internet access enabled by 3G wireless networks, video streaming over wireless networks also is likely to become common and enable new services and applications. In this chapter, we provide an introduction to intelligent video streaming over wireless networks. We begin by providing a brief background on digital video compression standards that are frequently used for video streaming. Because many of the same problems exist and protocols are used for both wired and wireless packet networks, we first describe the protocols used for streaming video over IP networks, and the problems and solutions associated with video streaming over lossy packet networks. Then we describe the characteristics of wireless networks and the particular challenges associated with video streaming over wireless networks. We proceed to describe a cross layer design framework that enables adaptation to continuously changing wireless environments. Finally, we analyze proposed solutions that improve the quality of video streamed over wireless networks.

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