Page #131 (Part III: Editing Images)

Chapter 13. Making Quick Corrections to a Photograph


103 About Color Management

104 About Adobe Gamma

105 Ensure That What You See Is What You Get

106 Rotate an Image or Layer

107 Crop a Portion of an Image

108 Straighten an Image

109 Apply a Quick Fix

Using the Editor, you can easily make adjustments to your photographs before printing them. For example, you might want to rotate or straighten an image, or crop it to remove distractions from around your subject. If the image is pretty good, you might want to give it only a quick fix (a series of simple, automated adjustments to an image's brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness), rather than a more complex, manual editing job. You'll learn how to perform all these simple, easy corrections in this chapter. For images that require a bit more work before you can print them, see upcoming chapters for help.

The Organizer provides two ways for you to make automatic improvements to a selected image without invoking the Editor. The Edit, Auto Smart Fix command makes automatic adjustments to color and tone without any input from you. The Edit, Auto Fix Window command brings up the Auto Fix dialog box, which allows you to select the automatic adjustments you want the Organizer to apply. However, you'll most likely prefer the results you get with the Editor's Quick Fix tool, which allows you to select not only the type but the amount of the automatic adjustment you want to apply. See 109 Apply a Quick Fix.

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