Reviewing and Analyzing Investment and Retirement Account Summaries

For each of your investment and retirement accounts, Quicken provides a summary for you to review and assess your account performance, security balances and values, account details, and activities. In addition, you can view reports to further analyze your account performance and attach documents, such as statements, to the account.

Review Investment and Retirement Account Summaries

On the account bar, click the investment or retirement account you want to review. In this example, we review a 401(k) account.

On the Summary tab, the Holdings section lists all your securities for the account, including the quote, shares, and so on. Click a security to open the Security Detail View window if you want to take a more detailed look at the security.

To select the timeframe and securities that you want to download and view, click Download Historical Prices to open the Get Historical Prices window.

In the Account Attributes section, you can view your account details. To update account information, click Edit Account Details to open the Account Details window.

To update online access information, if it's available, click Change Online Services and click the the Online Services tab on the Account Details window.

The Account Status section lists account status information, such as your account value, balance, market value, and so on.

To update statement information for the account, click the Last Update date link.

In the Investing Activity section, you can view activity and capital gains and losses for each quarter, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date.

To view and assess the activity for an investment, click Show Full Report to open the Investing Activity report.

To view any gains or losses for the account, if applicable, click Capital Gains Report.

The Account Holdings section provides security, share, and total value information. Click the security name to open the Security Detail View window, where you can take a more detailed look at a security, as shown previously in step 2.

In the Account Attachments section, you can add documents to the account by clicking Add and completing the Add Attachment window.

See Also

See "Flag and Attach Documents to Transactions" on page 165 for information on attaching files and images.

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