named range
A group of cells in an Excel spreadsheet.
native format
The file format an application uses to produce its own files.
navigation button
One of the buttons found on a form or navigation bar that helps users display specific records.
navigation frame
A graphical panel used for navigating from slide to slide in a PowerPoint presentation on the Web.
navigation structure
A hierarchical map of how Web pages are connected within a Web site and what routes the user can take to get from one page to another.
Navigation view
In FrontPage, a view of all the files that have been added to the navigational structure of the open Web site.
Embedding one element inside another.
A program that enables Internet teleconferencing.
network security
Technologies to protect your network connections to the Internet or other public networks.
network server
A central computer that stores files and programs and manages system functions for a network.
news server
A computer, in your organization or at your Internet service provider (ISP), which is set up specifically to host newsgroups.
A collection of messages related to a particular topic posted to a news server.
A program used to read messages posted to a newsgroup.
Normal style
Word s default predefined paragraph style.
Normal template
Word s default document template.
Normal view
In Word, a view in which you write and edit documents. In PowerPoint, a view that contains all three panes: Outline/Slides, Slide, and Notes.
Note Flag
An icon used to assign a given meaning to a section of notes. Among other things, note flags may indicate that a note is important, raises a question, or requires action.
note separator
The line that divides the notes from the body of the document.
note text
The contents of a footnote or endnote.
Outlook items that are the electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes.
Notes Page view
In PowerPoint, a view in which you can add speaker notes and related graphics.
Notes Pages Master
In PowerPoint, the part of a template that controls the characteristics (background color, text color , font, and font size ) of the speaker notes in a presentation. To make uniform changes to the speaker notes, you change the Notes Pages Master.
Notes pane
In PowerPoint, an area in Normal view where you can add speaker notes.
numbered list
An ordered list of concepts, items, or options.

Microsoft Office 2003 Step by Step
MicrosoftВ® Office ExcelВ® 2003 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))
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