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A records, DNS  2nd 
a2ps command 
AAAA records, DNS  2nd 
a(ll) access 
ac command  2nd 
accelerators in SysMan (Tru64) 
accept command 
access agents, mail  2nd 
access control
    Net-SNMP  2nd 
    OpenLDAP  2nd  3rd 
    PAM and 
    Postfix  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    printers  2nd 
    serial lines 
    shutdown command (HP-UX and Linux)  2nd 
    system console 
    TCP/IP services 
access control entry (ACE)  2nd  3rd 
access control lists  [See ACLs]
access, file  2nd  3rd 
    classes of 
    types of 
access_db sendmail feature 
account level equivalence 
    BSD vs. System V systems  2nd 
    crashes and 
    data file locations  2nd 
    LPRng  2nd 
    merging records from multiple hosts 
    printing  2nd  3rd 
    process  2nd  3rd 
    project-based (Solaris) 
    Solaris extended 
    system monitoring and 
    System V-style 
    utilities directories 
accounts  [See user accounts]
acctadm command (Solaris) 
acctcom command  2nd  3rd 
accton command 
acledit command (AIX) 
aclget command (AIX) 
aclput command (AIX) 
    AIX  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    implementations of 
active SCSI terminators 
adding user accounts 
address match lists, DNS 
address resolution protocol 
addressing, mail 
adduser command (FreeBSD) 
adherence to routine 
adm user 
administrative groups 
administrative virtues  2nd  3rd  4th 
    complete list 
AdminSuite (Solaris) 
admintool (Solaris) 
    package management 
    printer configuration 
    serial lines 
Advanced Maryland Automated Network Disk Archive  [See Amanda]
aging, password  2nd 
AIT tape 
    accounting  2nd 
    ACLs  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    adding disks 
    alog facility 
    apply vs. commit 
    boot log file 
    boot scripts 
    concurrent group set  2nd 
    DHCP  2nd 
    disabling services 
    disk I/O  2nd 
    Dynamic DNS updates 
    error log file 
    /etc/security directory 
    filesystem types 
    floppy disks 
    kernel location 
    logical volume manager 
    mirrored volumes 
    mkuser.sys script 
    network interface name 
    package management  2nd 
    password controls  2nd  3rd 
    password history lists 
    password triviality checks 
    pre-expired passwords 
    real group 
    replacing failed disks 
    resource limits  2nd 
    role-based access control  2nd  3rd 
    routing  2nd 
    scheduler  2nd 
    secondary authentication programs 
    security facilities 
    sendmail and 
    setpri system call 
    software archives 
    static routes 
    striped volumes 
    swap partitions 
    syslog enhancements 
    system parameters, tuning  2nd  3rd 
    tape devices 
    TCP/IP parameters 
    tuning tools 
    user account attributes 
    user account controls 
    /usr/samples/kernel directory 
    virtual memory manager  2nd  3rd 
AIX commands
    chdev  2nd 
    chuser  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    crfs  2nd  3rd 
    floppy disk 
    logical volume manager  2nd  3rd 
    lsattr  2nd 
    lsdev  2nd 
    lsps  2nd 
    lspv  2nd 
    lsuser  2nd 
    lsvg  2nd 
    mklv  2nd 
    mkuser  2nd  3rd 
    schedtune  2nd 
    setgroups  2nd  3rd 
    user account related 
    vmtune  2nd  3rd 
AIX configuration files
    /etc/filesystems  2nd 
    /etc/qconfig  2nd  3rd 
    /etc/security/limits  2nd  3rd 
    /etc/security/login.cfg  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    /etc/security/user  2nd  3rd  4th 
    /etc/swapspaces  2nd 
AIX spooling system 
    adding printers 
    backend program 
    daemon  2nd 
    default queue 
    devices  2nd 
    job priorities 
    managing jobs  2nd  3rd 
    managing queues 
    moving jobs between queues 
    queues vs. devices 
    remote printing 
    starting and stopping 
    virtual printers 
algorithms, routing 
aliases  2nd 
aliases, mail  2nd 
Allen, Jeff 
Allman, Eric  2nd 
allmasquerade sendmail feature 
Almesberger, Werner 
alog facility (AIX) 
Alpha Linux 
always_add_domain sendmail feature 
    amanda.conf file 
    backup strategy  2nd  3rd 
    client configuration  2nd 
    configuration files  2nd 
    equations  2nd 
    holding disks 
    incremental levels 
    media and 
    parameters  2nd  3rd 
    server configuration  2nd  3rd  4th 
    tape drives and 
amanda.conf configuration file 
anacron package (Red Hat Linux) 
Angel Network Monitor package  2nd  3rd 
Anomy Sanitizer package  2nd  3rd 
APR protocol 
archives, software 
area border routers 
arp command 
Asimov, Issac 
at command 
Atkins, E. Todd 
Atkinson, Randall 
Atomic Time PC Desktop Clock 
attention to detail 
attitudes  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
attributes, directory service 
authentication, user
    biometric devices 
    one-time passwords 
    OpenLDAP and 
    remote access and  2nd 
    Samba  2nd 
    smart cards 
authoritative name servers, DNS 
authoritative responses, DNS 
authoritative time 
auths command (Solaris) 
automating tasks  2nd 
    Expect package 
    interactive tools 
    Perl package 
    security monitoring 
    system configuration 
    user account creation 
automount daemon 
automounter, NFS 
autonomous systems 
awk command 

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