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of version-enabled tables if there is a unique constraint defined on the table. The unique constraint should be defined on one or more columns and may be enforced either by the definition of a unique constraint on those columns or by the presence of a unique index on those columns.

Workspace Manager Support for Virtual Private Database

Oracle Database 10g now supports Virtual Private Database (VPD) functionality when using Workspace Manager. This allows you to define policies that will be enforced by VPD. VPD policies are defined on the tables that are created during versioning process. This includes the table itself, and the _LOCK, _CONF, _DIFF, and _HIST tables that get created.


The DBA_WM_SYS_PRIVS data dictionary view provides information about all users that have Workspace Manager-related privileges. This view is available to any database user account that has the WM_ADMIN_ROLE role assigned.

New DDL Functionality

Oracle Database 10g supports a number of new DDL operations on version-enabled tables, including the following:

image Changing the scale and/or precision of a NUMBER data type

image Changing the length of VARCHAR2, VARCHAR, CHAR, NCHAR, NVCHAR, and NVCHAR2 columns

image Adding, dropping, or enabling unique constraints

Additionally, the dbms_wm.commitddl procedure now allows you to enforce unique constraints through the enforce_unique_constraints parameter. If this parameter is set to TRUE, then the unique constraints on the version-enabled table are enforced. Also, setting the enforce_rics parameter to TRUE causes referential integrity constraints to be enforced.

Streams Enhancements

There are a number of enhancements with Oracle Streams in Oracle Database 10g. We simply don't have enough pages to share a great deal of detail on these enhancements, but here is a quick summary:

image The dbms_streams_auth package has been added to make it easier to configure and manage the Streams administrator.


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