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ICollection collection, implementation 
ICryptoTransform interface 
IDefectTracker interface 
identification, trust and 
    .NET RBS 
    application domains 
    assemblies, evidence 
<identity\\> element, impersonation 
identity permission 
identity permissions 
    custom evidence and 
IIdentity interface
    .NET RBS and 
    WindowsIdentity class 
IIdentityPermissionFactory interface 
IIS (Internet Information Service)
    ASP.NET and 
        anonymous access 
        basic authentication 
        client certificate authentication 
        digest authentication 
        impersonation and 
        integrated Windows authentication 
        mode configuration 
IMembershipCondition interface  2nd 
    custom membership conditions 
    member implementation 
imperative demands 
imperative RBS demands 
imperative security statements 
    Assert operations 
    Deny operations 
    executing with SecurityPermission objects 
    PermitOnly operations 
Impersonate method, WindowsIdentity object 
    COM+ process-access security (PAS) 
implementation classes
    ElGamal algorithm 
    hashing algorithms 
    code groups, from file selects 
    named permission sets 
ImportParameters method  2nd  3rd 
inheritance, evidence 
InheritanceDemand statement 
initialization vector (IV) 
    symmetric algorithms, configuring 
Initialize method, implementing 
        into GAC 
    COM+ applications 
    key pairs, into CSP container 
integrated Windows authentication, IIS 
integrity, cryptography 
intellectual property, theft, decompiling and 
    C#/Visual Basic syntax 
    CodeAccessPermission class 
    identity permissions 
    IPermission, imperative RBS demands 
    namespace quick reference and 
Internet access, resource restrictions 
Internet Explorer, CLR and 
Intersect method, IPermission interface 
intersection permission sets 
IPermission interface 
    imperative RBS demands 
IPrincipal interface
    CurrentPrincipal property 
    .NET RBS 
        IPrincipal object 
    PrincipalPolicy enumeration 
    SetThreadPrincipal method 
    WindowsPrincipal class 
ISecurityEncodable interface 
isf argument, IsolatedStorageFile class 
IsGranted method 
isolated storage
    application domains and 
    as primary storage 
    by application domain 
    by assembly 
    by user 
    CAS and 
    DeleteDirectory method 
    DeleteFile method 
        GetDirectoryNames method 
        GetFileNames method 
    GetUserStoreForAssembly method 
    GetUserStoreForDomain method 
    IsolatedStorageFile class 
    IsolatedStorageFileStream class 
    levels of isolation 
    overview  2nd 
    Remove method 
    security policy configuration 
    stores  2nd 
    user-level isolation 
Isolated Storage tool 
IsolatedStorageContainment enumeration 
IsolatedStorageFile class, isf argument 
IsolatedStorageFile instances, passing 
IsolatedStorageFile.GetStore method 
IsolatedStorageFileStream class, Handle property 
IsSubsetOf method, IPermission interface 
IStackWalk interface 
    PermissionSet class 
IsUnrestricted method 
IUnrestrictedPermision interface, methods 
IUnrestrictedPermission interface 
IV (initialization vector) 
IV property, symmetric algorithm 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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