System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)abstract class
public abstract class DES : SymmetricAlgorithm { // Public Constructors    public DES(  ); // Public Instance Properties    public override byte[  ] Key{set; get;  // overrides SymmetricAlgorithm // Public Static Methods    public static DES Create(  );    public static DES Create(string algName);    public static bool IsSemiWeakKey(byte[  ] rgbKey);    public static bool IsWeakKey(byte[  ] rgbKey); }

This class extends SymmetricAlgorithm and is the abstract representation of the Digital Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm. Individual implementations of DES extend this class. The .NET Framework class library includes the DESCryptoServiceProvider class, which is the default implementation.

In addition to the members defined by the parent class, DES implements the IsSemiWeakKey( ) and IsWeakKey( ) methods, which determine if the selected cryptographic key results in a cipher that is easy to break.


System.Object SymmetricAlgorithm(System.IDisposable) DES



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Programming .Net Security
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