Part 2: Preparing for N1 Grid Solutions

The chapters in Part 2 help you develop a more detailed understanding of the first steps in the roadmap to realizing N1 Grid solutions. The examples show how implementing N1 Grid systems uses familiar design fundamentals, although they are often emphasized in different ways. Part 2 also introduces the importance of architecture as a central organizing principle used throughout this book. The architectural principles and language are used to decompose the problem space, provide a link to the solution space, and frame the discussion about the movement of your people, processes, and technologies from an environment of server-centric applications to one of network-centric services.

The chapters in Part 2 provide explicit examples you can use to gauge your N1 Grid solution preparedness and to conduct a problem space analysis in preparation for the more detailed architecture and design discussions in Part 3. Although the intent of this book is not to overemphasize Six Sigma, the chapters in Part 2 use the Sigma define, measure, analyze, design, and verify (DMADV) methodology phases as their organizational basis.

These phases form a framework in which any N1 Grid solution network computing problem space can be cast. The following list explains the phases described in the chapters:

  • Chapter 4 helps you define your first N1 Grid architectural target and to prepare your environment. The DMADV define phase focuses on identifying the business problem or process to be fixed and to scope the people, process, and technology effort required to establish a solid foundation for the beginning of a solution. This chapter introduces key Sun architectural concepts to help you decompose and organize the problem space and to understand and prepare for using the N1 Grid architecture concepts of virtualization, automated provisioning, mobility, and operational maturity. The define phase activities prepare you for the next phase in the process. The DMADV measure phase helps you to translate your Voice of the Customer (VOC) data into requirements and to measure success criteria for the critical-to-quality (CTQ) solution deliverables.

  • Chapter 5 describes how to prepare for the collection of useful data that you can use as a guide for architectural analysis and to measure the success of a business problem solved with an N1 Grid solution. This chapter provides guidance on improving requirements gathering and presents examples of the new business CTQs that N1 Grid solution deployments enable. The measure phase activities prepare you for the next phase in the process. The DMADV analyze phase helps you establish an architectural concept that demonstrates that the requirements and business solution CTQs will be satisfied.

  • Chapter 6 describes the analysis of the N1 Grid solution problem space in preparation for the solution space design work. The business CTQs and requirements gathered in the measure phase provide you a means to analyze potential solution architectures and to gauge their probability of success. Some of the CTQs and requirements help you make the architectural choices in preparation for the DMADV design phase. The design phase helps you create and compare the detailed design and implementation strategies for the solution. The DMADV verify phase helps you validate other CTQs and requirements during the functional and operational testing. It also helps you implement a solution and demonstrate that it satisfies the business requirements and delivers the measurable CTQs when it runs in the operational environment.

After reading each of the chapters in Part 2, you should be able to produce useful artifacts to prepare the architecting, implementing, and managing of an N1 Grid solution. You can use the frameworks and ideas presented in Part 2 to define, measure, and analyze the preparedness of your people, processes, and technology for the N1 Grid and to help your business begin to use the network, physically and logically, as a fundamental organizing principle.

Buliding N1 Grid Solutions Preparing, Architecting, and Implementing Service-Centric Data Centers
Buliding N1 Grid Solutions Preparing, Architecting, and Implementing Service-Centric Data Centers
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