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indirect costs 
information distribution  2nd  3rd 
    communication skills  2nd 
    information retrieval systems 
    outputs  2nd 
information retrieval systems
    project execution 
Initiating processes 
initiation (projects)  2nd 
    cost accounting  2nd  3rd 
        accelerated depreciation 
        BCR (benefit cost ratio) 
        direct costs 
        fixed costs 
        indirect costs 
        IRR (internal rate of return) 
        lifecycle costing 
        NPV (net present value) 
        opportunity cost 
        payback period 
        PV (present value) 
        straight-line depreciation 
        sunk cost 
        variable costs 
        working capital 
    exam prep questions  2nd  3rd  4th 
    expert judgement  2nd 
    go/no-go decisions 
    importance of  2nd  3rd 
    MBO (Management by Objectives)  2nd 
    project charters
        elements of  2nd 
        importance of  2nd 
        issuing  2nd 
        purpose of 
    project manager assignment 
    project-selection methods  2nd 
        benefit measurement  2nd 
        constrained optimization  2nd 
        cost accounting  2nd  3rd 
    relationship with project planning  2nd 
    PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition  2nd 
integration management 
integrity (professionalism) 
internal rate of return (IRR) 
IRR (internal rate of return) 
Ishikawa diagrams 
    project charters  2nd 
IT project managers
    exam-taking tips  2nd 
        conceptual gaps  2nd 
        experience gaps  2nd 
        PMI project management assumptions  2nd 
        PMI project management principles  2nd 
        terminology gaps  2nd 

PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
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