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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), 2000 Edition  
accelerated depreciation 
    cost accounting  2nd  3rd 
        accelerated depreciation 
        BCR (benefit cost ratio) 
        direct costs 
        fixed costs 
        indirect costs 
        IRR (internal rate of return) 
        lifecycle costing 
        NPV (net present value) 
        opportunity cost 
        payback period 
        PV (present value) 
        straight-line depreciation 
        sunk cost 
        variable costs 
        working capital 
Achievement Theory 
activity definition
    scope definition comparison 
activity duration estimates.   [See time estimates]
Activity List
    project plan comparison 
actual costs, Earned Value Management 
ADM (Activity Diagramming Method) network diagram 
administrative closeout (Project Closing) 
Administrative Closure 
    compared to Contract Closeout 
    project closure 
    when to perform 
advancement of the profession (Code of Professional Conduct)  2nd 
affiliations (professionalism)  2nd 
analogous (top-down), time estimates 
AOA (Activity-on-Arrow) network diagram 
AON (Activity-on-Node) network diagram 
application checklist (PMP exam)  2nd  3rd 
application requirements (PMP exam)  2nd 
    application checklist  2nd  3rd 
    current resume 
    educational contact hours  2nd 
    exam application 
    experience verification forms 
    fees  2nd 
    proof of degree 
audit process (PMP exam)  2nd 

PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
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