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Chapter 1: Organizing Homeland Security Efforts

Table 1.1: Action Checklist Number 1

Chapter 2: Cross-Sector Security Priorities and Issues

Table 2.1: How IT Management Practices Changed Because of Terrorist Attacks
Table 2.2: How IT Staffing Levels Are Determined
Table Table: Table 2.3 How IT Salary Levels Are Determined
Table 2.4: DRP Training Status
Table 2.5: IS Security Training Status
Table 2.6: Computer-Incident Training Status
Table 2.7: Antivirus-Measures Training Status
Table 2.8: Customer Data Privacy Plan Training Status
Table 2.9: Employee Data Protection Policy Training Status
Table 2.10: End Users Adequately Trained
Table 2.11: Status of Training on Intellectual Property Management
Table 2.12: Adequate Public Education
Table 2.13: Organizations' Efforts to Address the Digital Divide
Table 2.14: Concerns about IT and Society
Table 2.15: Views on the Greatest Benefits of the Internet
Table 2.16: Views on the Worse Things That the Internet Enables
Table 2.17: Views on Government Regulation of the Internet
Table 2.18: Views on Government Regulation of the Internet: Responses to 'Other'
Table 2.19: Job Function/Title of Respondents
Table 2.20: Industry Sector of Respondents
Table 2.21: Action Checklist Number 2

Chapter 3: Security and Critical Infrastructures

Table 3.1: Action Checklist Number 3

Chapter 4: Information Sharing for Protecting National Assets

Table 4.1: InfraGard Chapters
Table 4.2: Action Checklist Number 4

Chapter 5: Homeland Security Initiatives by Sector

Table 5.1: Security Initiatives in Agriculture and Food
Table 5.2: Security Initiatives in Water
Table 5.3: Security Initiatives in Public Health
Table 5.4: Security Initiatives in Emergency Services
Table 5.5: Security Initiatives in the Defense Industrial Base
Table 5.6: Security Initiatives in Telecommunications
Table 5.7: Security Initiatives in Electrical Energy
Table 5.8: Security Initiatives in Oil and Natural Gas
Table 5.9: Security Initiatives in Aviation
Table 5.10: Security Initiatives in Rail Transportation
Table 5.11: Security Initiatives in Highways, Trucking, and Busing
Table 5.12: Security Initiatives in Pipelines
Table 5.13: Security Initiatives in Maritime Shipping
Table 5.14: Security Initiatives in Mass Transit System Management
Table 5.15: Security Initiatives in Banking and Finance
Table 5.16: Security Initiatives in the Chemical Industry and Hazardous Materials
Table 5.17: Security Initiatives in Postal and Shipping
Table 5.18: Security Initiatives in the Protection of Monuments
Table 5.19: Security Initiatives in the Protection of Government Facilities
Table 5.20: Security Initiatives in the Protection of Nuclear Facilities
Table 5.21: Security Initiatives in the Protection of Dams
Table 5.22: Security Initiatives in the Protection of Commercial Centers
Table 5.23: Action Checklist Number 5

Chapter 6: Why a National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace Is Important

Table 6.1: Information Warfare Strategies
Table 6.2: Impact of Cyberattacks on an Organization
Table 6.3: Impact of Cyberattacks on Individuals
Table 6.4: Impact of Cyberattacks on Societies
Table 6.5: Data Required to Determine Impact of Cybercode Attacks in an Organization
Table 6.6: Calculating the Cost of Restoring Systems after Cyberattacks
Table 6.7: Action Checklist Number 6

Chapter 7: Participating in a National Cyberspace Security Response System

Table 7.1: Reporting Computer Incidents to Law Enforcement
Table 7.2: Action Checklist Number 7

Chapter 8: Participating in a National Threat and Vulnerability Reduction Program

Table 8.1: Physical Security Checklist for Technology Facilities
Table 8.2: Action Checklist Number 8

Chapter 9: Launching a National Cyberspace Security Awareness and Training Program

Table 9.1: Action Checklist Number 9

Chapter 10: Working to Secure Governments' Cyberspace

Table 10.1: General Standards for Securing Wireless Devices
Table 10.2: Action Checklist Number 10

Chapter 11: Global Cyberspace Security Cooperation

Table 11.1: Action Checklist Number 11

Chapter 12: Moving into the Future

Table 12.1: Enterprise Action Checklist
Table 12.2: IT Management Action Checklist
Table 12.3: IT Security Action Checklist

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