New Features in Dreamweaver 4

For those of you familiar with earlier versions of Dreamweaver, this book will bring you up to speed on the features added in Dreamweaver 4 (DW4). Also see the introduction to new features under Help figs/u2192.gif What's New (in DW's Help menu).

New features include:

  • An integrated text editor used to edit HTML code manually

  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for greater productivity

  • A JavaScript debugger, which helps to find and fix bugs in your scripts

  • Integrated editing of non-HTML code (such as code for ColdFusion and Active Server Pages)

  • Improved graphics editing tools and closer integration with Fireworks

  • A Table Layout view, which facilitates the use of tables for page layout

  • Improved template functionality, which allows greater control over how templates display dynamic information

  • The standard Macromedia User Interface, which leverages your familiarity with other Macromedia products and allows multiple panels to be docked inside one floating window

  • Simplified insertion of Flash and Shockwave documents

  • Better asset management through the Assets panel

  • Integrated email in the Site window for improved workgroup communication

  • Integration with version control systems, including Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning)

  • Site-wide reporting tools used to coordinate files within workgroups (File Check In and Check Out)

  • Improved Extension Manager (formerly the Package Manager) and enhanced extensions from the Macromedia Exchange

Download and install the free Dreamweaver 4.01 updater from the URL cited under Section P.8. It includes some minor bug fixes and enhanced support for Netscape 6.

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