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language attribute  
languages   [See also ActionScript; Lingo]
       Chinese/Japanese, double-byte characters and  
       special characters for  
Launcher bar  
       preference for icons in  
Layer Preferences dialog box  
layers   2nd  
       adding to timelines  
       altering dynamically  
       animating images and  
       behaviors and  
       converting to tables   2nd  
       CSS Background category and  
       CSS Border category and  
       formatting   2nd   3rd  
               keyboard shortcuts for  
       inserting into editable regions  
       position of   2nd  
       preferences for  
       properties of, changing
               with Property inspector  
               with timelines  
       web site planning and  
Layers category  
Layers panel  
layout tables   [See tables]
Layout view
       preferences for, setting  
       properties available in  
       switching to  
       tables and  
Layout View button  
Layout View category  
Learning category  
letters in lists  
Library folder  
Library icon  
library items  
       highlighting preference for  
       inserting into documents  
       keyboard shortcuts for  
       vs. Objects panel  
       table summarizing operations  
Library panel/Library category   2nd  
line breaks  
       keyboard shortcut for inserting  
Line Number option  
line numbering  
Lingo scripting language  
       Shockwave movies and  
Link Checker dialog box  
Link dialog box  
Link External Style Sheet dialog box   2nd  
link history, clearing  
       to .css files  
       to anchors  
       behaviors and  
               calling behaviors from links  
       broken   [See broken links]
       creating   2nd  
               within templates  
       displaying via plus (+) icon   2nd  
               attributes for  
               displayed in blue  
               checking   2nd  
               displayed in blue  
       hidden, displaying  
       to .js files  
       keyboard shortcuts for   2nd  
       manipulating within Site Map window  
       to scripts, displayed in blue  
       targeting frames  
               preference for  
List category  
List Properties dialog box  
List/Menu objects  
lists   2nd  
       CSS List category and  
       list/menu fields for scrolling  
LiveScript   [See JavaScript]
Local Files pane  
       refreshing   2nd  
       selecting files and
       swapping position with Remote Files pane  
Local Info category  
Local Root Folder  
local sites   [See sites, local]
Local/Network access  
lock files  
lock icon  
locked regions   [See noneditable regions]
logical structures  
London, Jay  
Look In pop-up menu  
looping timelines  

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