18.15 Site Preferences

The Preferences dialog box's Site category sets preferences that configure your site definition and Site window. See the Site figs/u2192.gif Define Sites figs/u2192.gif Edit option and Chapter 6 for many more site configuration options.

Always Show Local/Remote Files on the Left/Right

Specifies whether the Local Files or Remote Files pane should always be displayed in the Site window, and on which side (left or right). The preference defaults to display Local Files on the Right.

Dependent Files: Prompt on Get/Check Out

Optionally prompts you to download dependent files (images, scripts, stylesheets, etc.) used by the selected document when it is downloaded from the web server.

Dependent Files: Prompt on Put/Check In

Optionally prompts you to upload dependent files used by the selected document when it is uploaded to the server.

FTP Connection: Disconnect After...Minutes Idle

Determines the number of minutes after which an FTP connection is disconnected if there is no activity. The preference defaults to 30 Minutes, but a web server may disconnect inactive connections before then.

FTP Time Out...Seconds

Determines the period during which Dreamweaver attempts to make a connection to the specified FTP server. Dreamweaver gives up if the connection cannot be established in the allotted time. The default is 60 seconds.

Firewall Host

Use this preference to specify the proxy server name used to get through a firewall to upload information to your FTP server. Ask your webmaster for help.

Firewall Port

Provides the firewall port number (the default is 21) used to make an FTP connection. Ask your webmaster for help.

Save Files Before Putting

If enabled, this option saves all files before posting them to the remote site.

Define Sites

Click this button to go to the Define Sites dialog box, where you can configure existing sites or add new ones.

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Dreamweaver in a Nutshell
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