Removing Photos from Sources

As you work with a source, you may decide that you don't want some of the images in the source. Luckily, they're easy to remove.

Ways to remove photos from sources:

  • Making sure you're in the desired source, select the photos you want to remove and press .

  • Select the photos you want to remove, and choose Delete from Album from the Photos menu () or, for albums only, Cut () from the Edit menu.

  • For albums only, drag the photos you want to remove to the Trash album.

  • For albums only, -click one or more selected photos, and then choose Cut or Delete from Album from the contextual menu (Figure 3.33).

    Figure 3.33. Control-click a photo and choose Delete from Album to remove the picture from that album.

  • To remove a photo from a smart album you must either redefine the smart album or change the photo's information such that the photo no longer matches the smart album's criteria.


  • Removing a photo from an album, book, card, calendar, or saved slideshow doesn't delete it from your Library.

  • iPhoto doesn't ask for confirmation when you remove photos from a source; if you make a mistake, either choose Undo Delete Photo from Album from the Edit menu () or add them again.

  • Dragging a photo to the Trash album from another album merely removes the photo from that album; it does not delete it from your Library, nor does it copy the photo to the Trash album.

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