Moving Around in iPhoto

Obviously, you can move around in iPhoto using the scroll bars, but knowing a few tricks and techniques can make navigating through your photos easier.

Ways to move around:

  • Click or drag in the scroll bar, just as you would in any other Mac application.

  • -click the scroll bar to jump to the particular spot you clicked.

  • Click a photo to make sure the display pane is active; then use the arrow keys to move around.

  • With the display pane active, use and to scroll through your photos one screen at a time.

  • With the display pane active, use and to move to the top and bottom of the current album.


  • The -clicking (Jump to Here) behavior actually applies to Mac OS X in general, and you can make it the default behavior by selecting the Jump to Here radio button in Mac OS X's Appearance preference pane (Figure 3.10). I find the Jump to Here setting disconcerting, since it's counter to the way I've used scroll bars on the Mac forever.

    Figure 3.10. You can change Mac OS X's scrolling behavior in the Appearance preference pane.

  • If you're having trouble scrolling to a desired location, it might help to reduce the thumbnail size so you can see many more thumbnails on the screen at once.

  • Hold down when scrolling to scroll smoothly. This feature may not help many people, but it made arranging the iPhoto window (to take nicely aligned screen shots) a lot easier for me while I was writing this book.

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