Slideshow Problems and Solutions

Slideshows can run into a variety of problems; try these solutions:

  • Some transitions, like Cube and Flip, may not work on older Macs with less capable video cards.

  • Music purchased from the iTunes Music Store and used in a slideshow can be heard only on authorized computers. Either pick different music or convert tracks (burn to CD and re-import into iTunes) for use on other computers.

  • If slideshows look wrong, try switching to "Thousands" of colors in the Displays preference pane.

  • If a slideshow takes a long time to start, it may be because of a very large music file you've set to play. Pick a smaller file to speed start time.

  • If slideshow transitions are slower than you've set, it may be because your photos are too large or your screen resolution is too high. Setting a lower resolution in the Displays preference pane or using smaller photos should speed transitions.

  • If you can't see your iTunes music library when selecting music for a slideshow, open each iLife application in this order: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and then iDVD.

  • If you can't play music purchased from the iTunes Music Store, upgrade to the latest version of QuickTime. Get it from

  • If a Windows user sees error -8992 when trying to play your QuickTime movie, have them turn off DirectDraw Acceleration in the Video Settings screen of the QuickTime Settings control panel.

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