Appendix A. Installing Extensions

You can install extensions into Macromedia Flash that include components, effects, tools, screen types, behaviors, and commands. You can install extensions using Macromedia's Extension Manager or by manually placing the extensions within the Flash directory on your hard drive. You can also manage existing extensions that you have installed from a single interface when you use the Extension Manager. Download the latest Extension Manager from the following URL:


You need the Macromedia Extension Manager 1.7 (or greater) to install extensions for Flash 8 Basic. Extension Manager also allows you to install extensions for Dreamweaver 8 and Fireworks 8.

After you close any Macromedia software you have running after downloading the Extension Manager, you can run the installer that you downloaded. After the Extension Manager installs, it will open like any other stand-alone program.

You can open the Extension Manager using the Start menu on Windows, in your Applications folder on the Mac. You can also access the Extension Manager right in Flash by choosing Help > Manage Extensions.

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