RIP Routing: Optional Commands

Router(config)#no router rip

Turns off the RIP routing process

Router(config-router)#no network w.x.y.z

Removes network w.x.y.z from the RIP routing process

Router(config-router)#passive-interface s0/0

RIP updates will not be sent out this interface

Router(config-router)#neighbor a.b.c.d

Defines a specific neighbor with which to exchange information

Router(config-router)#no ip split-horizon

Turns off split horizon (on by default)

Router(config-router)#ip split-horizon

Re-enables split horizon

Router(config-router#timers basic 30 90 180 270 360

Changes timers in RIP:


30 = Update timer (in seconds)


90 = Invalid timer (in seconds)


180 = Hold-down timer (in seconds)


270 = Flush timer (in seconds)


360 = Sleep time (in milliseconds)

Router(config-router)#maximum-paths x

Limits the number of paths for load balancing to x (4 = default, 6 = maximum)

Router(config-router)#default-information originate

Generates a default route into RIP

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