Configuring ISDN PRI

Router(config)#isdn switch-type switch-type

Same command as with BRI. Can be done globally or in interface config mode

Router(config)#controller t1 1/0

Enters into controller config mode where the PRI card is located

Router(config-controller)#framing {sf | esf}

Sets framing to either Superframe Format (SF) or Extended Superframe Format (ESF) as dictated by the service provider. ESF is the most commonly used framing

Router(config-controller)#linecode {ami | b8zs | hdb3}

Sets Layer 1 signaling method to alternate mark inversion (AMI), binary 8-zero substitution (B8ZS) or high-density bipolar three (HDB3). B8ZS is used in North America

Router(config-controller)#pri-group timeslots 1-24

Configures the number of timeslots allocated by the provider, if using a channelized T1 controller

Router(config-controller)#interface serial0/0:23

Specifies an interface to be used for PRI D-channel operation. This command says to use channel 24 of interface Serial 0/0


Channels are numbered starting at zero (0) not one (1). Therefore, the 16th channel would be numbered 15; channel 24 would be numbered 23.


Subinterfaces on a serial interface are shown with a dot (.). Channels are shown with a colon (:). For example,

Serial0/0.23 is subinterface 23.

Serial 0/0:23 is channel 23.

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