Verifying ISDN Configuration

Router#show isdn status

Confirms BRI operations

Router#show isdn active

Displays current call information

Router#show dialer

Displays information about the dialer interface (used in DDR)

Router#show interface bri 0/0

Displays statistics about interface bri 0/0

Router#show interface bri 0/0:1

Displays statistics about channel 1 of interface bri 0/0

Router#clear interface bri 0/0

Manually resets the interface. All ISDN information will have to be re-sent


If, after you have set the SPIDs on an interface, the SPIDs have not been sent and verified by the ISDN switch, issue a clear interface bri 0/0 (or bri 0) command to force the router to renegotiate ISDN info with the switch. You might need to issue the clear interface command three or four times for the interface to come up.

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