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All layers in Flash are not created equal. I'm sure you're aware or have at least seen the different layer types Flash can create. For the most part, any layer you create will export the items on it to your final SWF movie. This is not true for guide layers. Add some artwork to your stage on a particular layer and change the layer to a guide by double-clicking the layer and selecting Guide. Now test the movie (CTRL-ENTER), and you'll see that nothing on your guide layer is actually visible.

This can come in handy when you want to see what your movie will look like without certain items, without having to actually delete them. If you ever use Templates, you'll see that the instructions are on a guide layer so they don't interfere with the project. If there are items you want to permanently remove, do not rely on this tip because while a guide is invisible, the overall file size of the document is still affected by artwork on one.

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