Pasting Not Allowed?

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Copying image data from your clipboard into a document is not really the best way to go about it. This being said, I also know that sometimes it's just necessary for whatever reason. Problems can arise, though, and if you like to copy large images from other programs using copy/paste, then you've no doubt run into this issue. You get an error saying that Flash just can't handle what you got. This is a default limitation to save memory, I suppose. Regardless, in the Clipboard tab under Preferences, you'll see an entire bitmap section just for this issue.



The default size limit is 250K (very small in my opinion), but you can set the value up to 5000KB (5MB) to allow much larger copy/paste operations. You'll see some other options here that don't really need that much explanation. If you have bitmaps larger than 5MB, you'll have to import the image by using File > Import. It's a good idea to play around with the setting to find what works best for your computer. The amount of memory you have installed can have a big impact on how much data can be stored in the Clipboard.

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