Custom Gradients

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Let's face it, the default gradients in Flash are pretty much worthless. I'm sure they had their reasons for including these particular gradients, but I can't fathom what they are. Thank God we are able to make our own. To do so, go to the Color Mixer panel (open it using SHIFT-F9) and choose Linear or Radial instead of Solid from the drop-down menu. To edit an existing color, select the little square handle under the Gradient bar (known as a color stop) and choose a new color from the spectrum. To add a new Color stop, click anywhere along the gradient bar where you see your cursor has a little plus sign next to it. To remove a stop, click it and drag down until you see it disappear. When you have a gradient that you are happy with, click the Color Mixer's panel menu (top right) and choose Add Swatch. You'll now see your new gradient listed along with the other defaults. Custom swatches are visible only for the file you make them in.

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