From “prior art” to “palming off,” intellectual property law is rife with confusing terminology. Yet anyone who is a player in the information age, business world or creative arts needs to understand this language to deal intelligently with such issues as:

  • determining who owns original work or commercial information
  • protecting and enforcing your rights
  • resolving conflicts over intellectual property
  • transferring ownership rights

Patent, Copyright & Trademark provides the straightforward, plain-English information you need to:

  • get the basics behind intellectual property law
  • look up plain-English definitions of legal terms
  • find out how to protect your intellectual property
  • understand how intellectual property affects the Internet

Exhaustively updated, the 6th edition provides all-new information regarding the protection of idea submissions and fictional characters, new uses for end-user agreements, the failure of UCITA, the Supreme Court’s ruling in the “Victoria’s Secret” case—and much, much more! Also includes expanded information on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the effect of trademark law on domain names, and the use of names as trademarks.

About the Authors

Stephen R. Elias is the author of many Nolo titles, including Trademark: Legal Care for Your business & Product Name, Legal Research, and Domain Names: How to Choose & Protect a Great Name for Your Website.

Richard Stim is the author of several Nolo books, including License Your Invention, Music Law, and Getting Permission: How to License & Clear Copyrighted Materials Online & Off.

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