Section D.1. Apple Resources

D.1. Apple Resources

You should first turn toand periodically return tothe mother ship in your quest for additional iWork information. Apple maintains several Web pages of interest to Pages and Keynote aficionados.

  •;; Apple devotes this part of its Web site to advertising iWork and describing Pages' and Keynote's featureswith, of course, links to the online Apple Store. If you've already made your purchase (and made it this far in this book), you probably won't find too much here that you don't already know. You will, however, find links to the newest Pages and Keynote 2 software updates.

  •; Apple's Pages and Keynote Support pages provide links to an array of help topics drawn from the program's built-in Help system. You can access these support Web pages directly from Pages' or Keynote's Help menu, or you can click the Support tab at the top of any Apple Web page and choose Keynote or Pages from the Applications pop-up menu. All Apple support pages also feature a search field with which you can search Apple's entire support library, known as the Knowledge Base. You can quickly search the hundreds of thousands of pages of technical information in this archive that cover all things Appleall the way back to the Apple II.

    The support pages also provide links to the very active and informative iWork Community Discussion forums. Apple hosts these forums for all its hardware and software products. Here you'll find thousands of Mac owners involved in an ongoing question-and-answer session. You can jump right in, post a question, and be certain that someoneusually several someoneswill reply with an answer. You can also access these forums at http://discussions. info

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