Section B.9. The Window Menu

B.9. The Window Menu

The Window menu affects the display of the document window and lets you choose among various open Keynote documents.

B.9.1. Minimize

This commandthe same as clicking the yellow minimize button in the upper-left corner of the document windowsends the window to the Dock, removing it from the screen so you can work on something that was hidden beneath it. Click the miniature window near the right end of the Dock to restore it to its position onscreen. Keyboard equivalent: -M.

B.9.2. Zoom Window

This command is the same as clicking the green zoom button in the upper-left corner of the document window. It alternates between expanding (or reducing) the window to display exactly one page, and the window size you've set manually.

B.9.3. Bring All to Front

Choose this command to bring all your open Keynote windows out from behind any other obscuring windows .

B.9.4. (Open Documents List)

Keynote lists all its open documents in this part of the menu. The currently active document displays a checkmark next to its name , and documents containing unsaved changes display a black bullet next to their names . Choose the name of any document to turn it into the active document, bringing it to the forefront.

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