Using the Input Wizard to Digitize

Digitizing is the process of transferring the contents of a video tapeDV, HDV, or analogto your computer's hard drive so that you can begin editing it.

This can be achieved by digitizing the whole tape in one gowhile you make coffee, bathe the dog, phone your auntor by selecting individual clips from a tape and only digitizing the ones you want. This second option requires your presence pretty much 100 percent of the time.

If you feel the need to take life easy, then your best bet would be to use the Input wizard. New to version 6, this leads you down the road to digitizing nirvana.

To use the Input wizard


Close the Logging Tool if it is still open and then select File > Input Wizard (Figure 2.19).

Figure 2.19. Opening the Input wizard.


Click the top option, Capture from the video device (Figure 2.20).

Figure 2.20. Once open, you can choose which type of import to make.

Classic Interface

Wizards are not available when using the Classic interface.


Choose in which Rack you want to store your media clips (Figure 2.21). You can also create a new Rack from this screen (Figure 2.22).

Figure 2.21. Choose the Rack in which you want to store your clips…

Figure 2.22. …or create a new one.

The Logging Tool opens and the wizard exits (Figure 2.23).

Figure 2.23. The open Logging Tool.

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