Alternatives to Creating DVDs on the Timeline

Maybe you don't want to burn inside Liquid Edition for whatever reasonperhaps you want to create MPEG files from your AVI clips. In this case, you don't create a menu; you simply export the Timeline as is to your application in a format it can handle. Generally speaking, this means it needs to be an MPEG stream of some sort, but you need to check your program's handbook to see which setting you should use.

To export your Timeline


Click on File > Export > DVD/SVCD.


Select Program Stream 1 or 2, or the Elementary stream.

The IPB settings appear. If you're going to use the Impression DVD maker, use the Impression preset.


Check the IPB settings to make sure they are correct and/or suitable for your application; then click the check mark.


In the Destination tab, click the Browse button next to the Destination Folder box and browse to your target location.


Switch to the Burning tabnote that the DVD burner is now grayed outand click the check mark to begin the process.

Understanding Links

Links come in three different flavors:

  • Absolute link: A point relative to the clip but not to the Timeline

  • Anchored link: A point relative to the Timeline but not to the clip

  • Jump link: A link that always returns the viewer to a specific menu

You can find more information on links in the Pinnacle Liquid Edition Reference manual.


Once the export finishes, you can import this into the application of your choice.


  • The files at that can be used in this book were created using the Program Stream 2 preset to convert a single clip on the Timeline into an MPEG clip that is 1/10th the size of the original AVI.

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