Applying a Filter in the Project Browser

You can also add a filter directly to the clip in the Project Browser. This allows you to always have the corrected clip ready and waiting in the Project Browser whenever you need to use it.

Of course, to gain full advantage of this technique, you need to edit this filter too. For details on this, see "Taking Filters Further" later in this chapter.

To apply a filter to a clip in the Project Browser


Select the filter you need by following the instructions in the "Adding a Filter" section earlier in this chapter.


Right-click the filter and select Copy.


Click the All tab to take you back to your media clips, and open the Rack where the clip you are interested in is stored.


Right-click anywhere in the right pane and select Paste from the menu (Figure 9.13).

Figure 9.13. Pasting a filter into a Rack in the Project Browser.


Click anywhere inside the right pane to deselect all clips (this must be done or the next step will not work), then click the filter and drag and drop it over the clip (Figure 9.14).

Figure 9.14. Applying the filter to a clip in the Project Browser.


To remove this filter, right-click the clip inside the Project Browser and select FX Properties from the menu. Then highlight the filter and click the Trash can (Figure 9.15).

Figure 9.15. Remove the filter using the Clip FX properties and the Trash can.


  • The cursor must have a small, white box with a plus sign (+) inside it before you can drop the filter (Figure 9.16). If the cursor looks like it does in Figure 9.17, then you have not dragged it exactly into the middle of the clip.

    Figure 9.16. The correct cursor for successfully dragging a filter to a clip in the Project Browser.

    Figure 9.17. This cursor indicates that it isn't central enough in the clip for you to successfully apply the filter.

  • Make sure no other clip in the Rack is selected before you select the filter and try to drag it; otherwise the filter only moves around the Rack and isn't applied to the clip.

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