Chapter 8. Working with Transitions

A transition is a jump from one video clip to the next, or from one scene to another. Typically, this jump changes the location, but it can also indicate time passing or a simple mood change. Often, you accomplish this change with a cut, as described in Chapter 6, but occasionally you need to employ a more subtle approachsomething that doesn't visually jar the audience. For example, you need to gradually change the image from a rampant party to the aftermath of the room the next day so that the audience isn't left thinking, "What am I looking at?"

Sometimes you don't need subtlety; the change itself clearly alerts the audience that the scene is about to shift. An example of this type of change might be to signify the start of an advertising break or mark the end of your video production. In either example, you use a transition. Liquid Edition offers you a great selection of subtle and not-sot-subtle transitions for use in your video projects. In this chapter, you learn how to use and abuse these, placing them on the Timeline and editing their parameters to create totally original effects.

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