10.5 Summary

This chapter talked about internal communication and communication with the outside world. There are several ways of communicating in a Linux-on-the-mainframe environment. z/VM provides high-performance communication among guests running Linux and other operating systems. Point-to-point connections can be implemented with real or virtual CTC connections. LAN-type connections can be created with real or virtual HiperSockets, or by using virtual Guest LANs. Virtual LANs are cheaper, easier to set up, faster, and more flexible than real LANs. The benefits of virtual networks for your business include:

  • Decreased hardware cost of hubs, switches, and cables.

  • Improved performance from latency and bandwidth of memory-to-memory transfers.

  • Improved security due to the lack of hardware cables to "tap."

  • Simplified administration. The logical administration is the same (nothing new for the network administrator to learn to get the value) and the physical administration practically disappears.

  • Reduced network outages due to failures of physical components.

An important communication adapter for the communication with the world outside the mainframe is the Gigabit Ethernet OSA-Express adapter.

Linux on the Mainframe
Linux on the Mainframe
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