Replying to Messages

Let's say you received an e-mail that warrants a reply. Your co-workers may have received this e-mail as well. You may want to reply to the sender or respond to everyone who received the message. Let's look at the different options you have for replying to a message in your Inbox.

  1. Click on the Mail Bookmark. Your mail will open.

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  2. Double-click on a message that you want to open.

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    Notice that there are two different types of Reply buttons.

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    Under each of these buttons are more options for replying to the message.

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    1. Click on Reply. Your options are as follows:

      • Reply. Sends a reply that does not include any of the original message.

      • Reply with History. Sends a reply that includes the original message and attachments.

      • Reply without Attachment(s). Sends a reply that includes the original message, but not the attachments.

      • Reply with Internet-Style History. Sends a reply that includes the original message with no attachments, formatted correctly in regard to line length. You will also notice that each line begins with the left-margin character. This style of reply is common to most other e-mail only clients.


    2. Click on Reply to All.

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    The Reply to All button gives the same options as the Reply button, with the addition of including everyone who received the original message on the reply.

  4. When you click on one of the options in either menu, a new message will appear according to what you selected.

  5. Once the new memo opens you can:

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  6. Click on Send when you are finished making your changes. The message will be sent and you will be returned to your Inbox.

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    You can reply to a message without opening it as well. Just highlight the message you want to respond to in the Inbox and click on the Reply option you want.

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