Working with Attachments

Sometimes you need to send a file—whether it be a Word Document or an Excel Spreadsheet—to a co-worker. Lotus Notes gives you that ability.

  1. Click on New Memo. A blank e-mail will appear on the screen.

    click to expand

    click to expand

  2. In the To box, type in the recipient's name.

  3. In the Subject box, type the subject of your e-mail.

  4. In the Body of the e-mail, type your message.

    click to expand

  5. Click on the Paperclip icon on the Toolbar. The Create Attachment(s) window will appear.

    click to expand

  6. Choose the location of the attachment.

  7. Choose the attachment that you want to send.

  8. Click on Create. The attachment will appear in the Body of the e-mail message.

    click to expand

  9. Click on Send. The message will disappear and return you to your Inbox.

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